March - The Worm Moon

Most people have never heard of a worm moon, but it is in fact the traditional name for the March full moon. This dates back to the medieval Europeans and Native American tribes who gave each month’s moon a different name, often reflecting the changes in nature.

Worm moon

The slightly strange sounding worm moon gets its name from the humble earthworm which emerges from its winter slumber in March. This is a portent of the end of winter and beginning of spring and, in fact, the worm moon is also considered the last full moon of the winter.

Throughout history the coming of spring has had a considerable significance reflecting a period of renewal and regrowth. The March full moon has several other names reflecting this such as the Lenten Moon, which refers to the Christian Lent period.

More down to earth names include the crow moon, as the birds become more active after the winter, and the sap or sugar moon.