Supermoon Calendar 2024

The next super moon is on 19th Aug 2024

As the moon orbits the earth it does so in an elliptical manner, moving closer and further away. At its closest, or during perigee, it is in the region of 360,000 km (225,000 miles) away. If this point in the orbit coincides with a full moon phase it is often referred to as a "supermoon".

Technically speaking supermoon is not a scientific term but it is widely used to describe the phenomenon which occurs when the full moon is within 90% of perigee. The official name is perigee syzgy.

From earth a supermoon will appear slightly larger than usual - up to 17% larger than the smallest of full moons and considerably brighter.

When are the supermoon dates in 2024?

Supermoons 2024
Date Relative dist* Distance (Km) Distance (miles)
19th Aug 2024 0.96 361,969 km 226,231 mi
18th Sep 2024 0.996 357,485 km 223,428 mi
17th Oct 2024 0.996 357,367 km 223,354 mi
15th Nov 2024 0.961 361,873 km 226,171 mi

* The relative distance shows how close the Moon is to the closest point of its orbit - otherwise known as perigee. A value of 1 would mean it was the full moon exactly at perigee. Any value ofer 0.9 is considered a supermoon.