April - The Pink Moon

"Pink" feels like the right name for April's full moon. It's fresh and young, evocative of apple blossom and flower buds. The Pink Moon is actually named after a flower, specifically Phlox subulata, commonly known as creeping phlox or moss phlox.

Pink moon

This pretty plant first blooms around April. Its star-shaped flower appears in various colours, including a pretty, mid-pink shade. Moss phlox is native to the US, making this one of several Native American names for the moon that have become used across cultures.

April is such an important time for those who live and work on the land, that it's not surprising that there's a choice of nature-related names. Other Native American monikers include "Moon when the geese lay eggs", "Moon when the red grass comes back", and the beautifully practical name from Dakota, "Moon when the streams are again navigable."

In various cultures, April's moon is called the "Egg Moon". Again, this is a reference to the fertility of the season, rather than some sudden change of shape. Farmers and gardeners call it the “Seed Moon” because April is such a good time for planting.

Some years, April's full moon is also called the "Paschal Moon", the name given to the first full moon after the spring equinox. It's a significant moon in the Christian calendar, as the Paschal Moon is used to set the date of Easter, which always falls on the following Sunday.

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