Aberdeen moon phase today (27th January 2023)

Aberdeen: waxing moon

Aberdeen: 57.14369, -2.09814

Moon times

10:23 (76°)

Moonrise & moonset calendar

What kind of moon is it tonight?

First Quarter

The moon is currently 6.2 days old.

It is 379832 km (236017 miles) from the Earth.

Next full moon is on 5 Feb 2023.

The next new moon is on 20 Feb 2023.

37.9% illuminated

Aberdeen Solunar rating: Solunar rating of 4 out of 5

Aberdeen, United-kingdom moon phases January

  • Full Moon

    Full Moon

    6th January

  • Third Quarter

    Third Quarter

    15th January

  • New Moon

    New Moon

    21st January

  • First Quarter

    First Quarter

    28th January

Aberdeen next full moon dates 2023 / 2024

  • January, 2023

    January, 2023 full moon

    6th January, 2023

  • February, 2023

    February, 2023 full moon

    5th February, 2023

  • March, 2023

    March, 2023 full moon

    7th March, 2023

  • April, 2023

    April, 2023 full moon

    6th April, 2023

  • May, 2023

    May, 2023 full moon

    5th May, 2023

  • June, 2023

    June, 2023 full moon

    4th June, 2023

  • July, 2023

    July, 2023 full moon

    3rd July, 2023

What is the January full moon called?

January's moon is known as The Wolf Moon

The first full moon of the year is the wolf moon. This is the name that was given to the January full moon by Medieval Europeans and Native Americans as it is the time of year when wolves howl their loudest. It is perhaps not surprising given the folklore which has inseparably linked wolves with the... read more