Guelma moon phase today (26th November 2022)

Guelma: waxing moon

Guelma: 36.46214, 7.42608

Moon times

10:13 (125°)
19:36 (235°)

Moonrise & moonset calendar

What kind of moon is it tonight?

Waxing Crescent

The moon is currently 3.2 days old.

It is 363696 km (225991 miles) from the Earth.

Next full moon is on 8 Dec 2022.

The next new moon is on 23 Dec 2022.

11.3% illuminated

Guelma Solunar rating: Solunar rating of 4 out of 5

Why does the moon look so big tonight?

The Moon doesn't orbit the Earth in a perfect circle. At times the Moon is further or closer to the Earth. Currently the Moon is at the closest point in its orbit, or perigee to give it the technical name. This makes the moon appear over 14% bigger than when it is furthest away.

Guelma, Algeria moon phases November

  • First Quarter

    First Quarter

    1st November

  • Full Moon

    Full Moon

    8th November

  • Third Quarter

    Third Quarter

    16th November

  • New Moon

    New Moon

    23rd November

  • First Quarter

    First Quarter

    30th November

Guelma next full moon dates 2022 / 2023

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    August, 2022 full moon

    12th August, 2022

  • September, 2022

    September, 2022 full moon

    10th September, 2022

  • October, 2022

    October, 2022 full moon

    9th October, 2022

  • November, 2022

    November, 2022 full moon

    8th November, 2022

  • December, 2022

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    8th December, 2022

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    6th January, 2023

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    5th February, 2023

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    7th March, 2023

  • April, 2023

    April, 2023 full moon

    6th April, 2023

  • May, 2023

    May, 2023 full moon

    5th May, 2023

What is the November full moon called?

November's moon is known as The Beaver Moon

While October's "Hunting Moon" refers to humans sourcing meat ready for winter, November's moon describes animal preparations. Meet the "Beaver Moon", named after the busy North American rodents. Beavers are known for being active animals (hence "beavering"), and they really ramp up their efforts... read more